Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

As a real estate business owner, the main objective for you is to work efficiently & expand your business to do so you need to delegate some of your unimportant tasks like making appointments, showing estates, collecting documents, data entry, handling paperwork, etc. So why not hire a virtual assistant for real estate? We at Virtual Corporate are here with various services like bookkeeping, digital marketing, web development, etc. And one of our best is the real estate virtual assistant service. We provide you high-quality services & assistants at virtual corporate who are specialized in their fields with a lot of experience. We pick the best suited virtual assistant according to your needs.

real estate virtual assistant services

Why you should hire us?

There are a lot of advantages in hiring a real estate virtual assistant as they save time & take your business to the next level. Some of the main benefits which you will get by hiring us are mentioned below:

  • Boost business productivity: Realtors have a lot on their plate, they can reduce the workload by delegating a variety of non-core tasks to real estate virtual assistant. Assistants provided by us are highly committed to excellence & with a sea of knowledge, our assistants will be there to help you at every step.
  • Cost & time effective: We charge on an hourly basis, moreover, there are no leave or holidays. We will be available at your service 24/7. We have flexible packages as per your needs. Moreover, you can also avoid the overheads like social security benefits, life insurance benefits, etc.
  • Specialized work: We assure you that you will be assisted by one of our best assistants who will provide high-quality work whether it is organizing a meeting or preparing detailed spreadsheets on the real estate market. You can assign them any number of tasks, there is no limit on the number of tasks.

What are the services provided by our real estate virtual assistant?

There are numerous services provided by our real estate virtual assistant which will help you to become more efficient.
  • Gathering information: We have experienced real estate virtual assistants who will gather information about properties & will provide you with every answer. VA will scrape every single detail about the property & will track the new market trends for you.
  • Setting appointments: As your business will grow, your engagements with the clients will also grow. You will need help managing your calls, emails, texts, therefore, you can hire our real estate virtual assistant to manage all these & we assure you 100% quality work.
  • Managing social media: In this era of technology, the initial search for the property begins at home searching online. This means you will require a brilliant social media existence. Our virtual assistants can do that for you as we will provide you assistants who are specialized in this field. They will add event invites, upload new articles, respond to questions asked, etc.
  • Filing paperwork: This is the most time-consuming task of a realtor, there are a lot of forms & contracts that need to be filled & compiled so why not outsource this task to our real estate virtual assistant. Our real estate virtual assistants have a lot of experience & have worked with diverse industries hence with their help you can complete your sales & purchases accurately & on time.
Besides these our real estate virtual assistant will complete your other miscellaneous tasks as per your requirement.

Hiring a real estate virtual assistant can pay off. Just look for what less- essential tasks are taking up all your time and hire our virtual assistant to help improve your business productivity. You’ll be glad to see over time that it was your smartest move by hiring us. You can contact us through texts, calls & emails.  We are just a click away.

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