Virtual Sales Assistant

A Virtual Sales Assistant is a digital employee that you employ as a way of exporting a particular job or series of tasks to create a more productive sales operation.

This kind of sales assistant may also apply to an overseas client. Part of the appeal of Virtual Assistant is that they are usually more cost-effective than recruiting any person elsewhere. When properly incorporated, virtual sales assistants will become an incredibly useful tool for your SMB business.

virtual sales assistant

Lead Generation

Supported by quality intelligence, professional staff and a comprehensive marketing software stack, we’re setting up the business to be competitive with  marketing, lead generation, schedule setting and sales empowerment solutions that work together to fuel your customer acquisition by delivering a constant stream of leads to your sales reps, whether they’re office-based or off-site.

For years and years, experience has provided us with useful knowledge and insight about what works the best and delivers results.

  • Compile a list of businesses that fit the profile of your target client.
  • Profile of important views and stakeholders within target corporations

Lead management

With the aid of this method, consumers can get better leads quicker with increased sales efficiency and quick sales. The Virtual sales assistant services provided by us automates the handling of lead and removes the criteria to minimize each person record, which in turn saves time, resources and money. Lead management system developed by Virtual Corporate collects leads from various channels and transfers leads to the correct sales person efficiently and conveniently. Customers are provided with efficient management services that provide consumers with a cohesive partnership between marketing and sales. Through the services provided by the business, consumers can easily monitor the monitoring and closing of purchases of lead generation sales.

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting

Our Virtual sales assistant that has been making appointments for every global place for years to come. They perfected the art of calling, verifying and checking that the appointment was made. Calls are made at the correct time and verifications are approved and processed so that you wouldn’t have to waste time searching for somebody who might never show up. The greatest part is that payment will only be made if the consultation is effective and both sides have met and approved the same. This makes it much easier for you, you receive qualified appointments and we work extra to insure that you will get them.

Lead Nurturing

Leads are given creatively written and planned emails designed to get them on their buyer’s journey. Not only do these communications help the business remain top-of-the-mind, they provide your leads with the information they need to make a buying decision. By concentrating on supporting your leads, rather than pushing them to buy, you win their confidence and create the basis for a long-term partnership. Our virtual sales assistant continues to mould the lead nurturing series by using your customers’ traditional path to identify the activities that normally take place before a purchase. When we have an in-depth understanding of the details your lead wants on the purchaser’s journey.

Lead Nurturing
Warm And Cold Calling

Warm and cold calling

You should count on us to book an appointment with judgement that can be nurtured before sales are closed. Our approach to identifying customers with needs differs from those of other service providers, and we prepare our B2B cold callers to understand the kind of clients your business needs. This technique allows us to keep away from people who don’t wish to be approached so that your company name stays undiminished.

Leads follow up

We will link to your consumer via email, phone call or SMS to make them aware about the product and services provided by your company. We will target your consumers on the basis of geography, positions, sales interest, and other criteria. We can make you feel the pulse of your current and potential customers by tracking your audience via multi-channel approaches and tracking their views on the services and goods offered by your company.

Leads Follow Up
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