Admin assistant services

Admin assistant services is a virtual service provided for getting an impeccable and qualified assistant for the clients. You can hire highly trained, highly skilled, and highly qualified virtual assistants at an affordable and reasonable price, which will give you the worth of your money. These highly trained assistants can give you a better experience and will diligently fulfill all your tasks. You will not be regretted choosing this service. In this pandemic, when most businesses are severely affected, the best way to boost productivity with limited human resources is to hire an admin assistant. These are highly skilled professionals trained in the managing and processing of administrative tasks virtually and practically. Many hire these professionals for their affordability and efficiency of work.

Our company, Virtual Corporate, is one of the best Admin assistant service providers in the market. Hiring an extremely skilled and talented person for your company is going to be extremely beneficial for you. As the person has worked for several other companies, his experience and expertise in different fields will enhance your companies’ growth process faster.

admin assistant services

Role of Admin assistant:

  • They can perform various tasks, including they can perform the role of Hunan resource (HR)duties for the clients. These include all the works generally done by human resources such as checking CV, recruiting various relevant candidates, doing all the paperwork, handling the emails, managing the calls from important clients, and coordinating with the managing team to boost the progress.
  • They can also handle the transaction process of the clients. It is similar to the work of managing and maintaining the accounts of clients. They can process the transaction procedures like paying the employees, solving queries related to transactions, refund procedures, processing digital receipts, etc.
  • They can also be used for database management and data entry. They can be trained for a few brief periods, and they can be ready for the allotment of the projects and can do MIS reporting, H-lookup, and V-lookup for the firms of the clients.
  • They can process heavy email management, too, like sending emails for recruitment or corporate mails. They can also be used to put up a server and bulk posting of emails. Handling emails of important clients and also handling the spam emails, everything related to it can be controlled by them.
  • They can also be used for marketing or eCommerce product management and CRM management. Like the management of new arrivals, coupons, discount offers, order processing, returns, etc. A trained admin assistant can swiftly handle everything related to it.

Benefits of hiring an admin assistant:


Studies show admin assistants are more Efficient and proactive than their long-term counterparts. Job security gives a comfortless and leads to complacency, which affects the performance very poorly. So the use of a temporary admin assistant will drastically change that, and recurring work availability makes them more diligent and efficient in their works.

Task completion anytime from anywhere

As virtual assistants can work from anywhere around the globe and at any time, they don’t need a place or specific time to complete their client’s demands and requests. This way, the work can get processed and can be done 24/7, literally from anywhere, thus removing the time limit and distance barriers.

Low cost of hiring

Hiring a new employee can be a very costly and jaded process. This often involves excellent capital investment and numerous works hours, which can be put otherwise to increase productivity. This whole cumbersome process can be removed by employing an already trained and advanced admin assistant who can do this work for much less, thereby saving money and valuable work time which can otherwise be wasted to get a new untrained employee.

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